Reduce the time you spend on financial admin

Don’t be resigned to admin being an unavoidable part of your job. Built for business owners, finance directors and accountants who want to spend less time running manual processes and administrative tasks.

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Our FinOps platform automates and manages your financial operations so you can focus on everything else

Relinquish your burdensome administrative tasks whilst retaining control. We automatically collect all your invoices, receipts and expenses. We manage and track approvals and tasks. We save you from manually keying payments in your bank portal, and provide analytics and tools for you to efficiently manage costs and cash.

  • Free up your time
  • Avoid manual processes
  • Workflows managed
  • Delegate but keep control

Automate and streamline repetitive tasks

Hand over those repetitive and manual tasks. Sifting through inboxes and supplier portals to collate invoices and expenses. Tracking who needs to be paid when. Manually keying payments into your banking portal and notifying suppliers that they have been paid.

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Document collection

Stop searching for missing documents. We automatically collect, extract and sort all the data you need.

Bulk payments

Bulk payments, bundled payments, FX payments and remittance advice - all just a few clicks to approve and pay.

Coding & reconciliation

Automated invoice coding and payment reconciliation. No more double-checking payments and less time consumed by Xero.

Statement matching

Automatic reports for missing, mismatching, or unpaid invoices in vendor statements. Let the supplier automatically receive a copy too.

Manage your payments and accounting efficiently

Manage payments and accounting in parallel with asynchronous workflow handling. Automatically keep track of what has been done and what needs to be handled next. Full two way syncing with your existing accounting tech stack.

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Work queues

Stay organized with pending payments, missing invoices, un-coded items, and un-applied credit notes.

Task management

Track and delegate work with confidence. Assign and track to-dos. Collaborate through notes and comments.

Historical data

See supplier spend, past invoices, completed payments, and previous coding; all in one accessible place.

Live Cash PnL

Whether its bank transfers to pay suppliers, payroll or taxes, or expected direct debits and card charges, know exactly where you stand.

Vendor management

Efficiently manage vendors with payment preferences, set defaults for VAT, coding and cost centers, and store specific instructions for future reference.

Multi-way syncing

Real-time syncing between your accounting stack, Xero, vendor portals, emails, and bank accounts.

Stay in control of the important decisions

Smart automation, more accurate data and efficient processes gives you improved control through smarter analytics, exceptions management and error handling. Anomalies are clearly flagged, and troubleshooting is faster.

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Exceptions Handling

Automate the mundane and escalate exceptions for human handling with big data and AI monitoring.

Audit Log Monitoring

Proactively monitored audit log for defined trigger events like altered VAT settings or changes to payment details.

User Management

User management for full access control so you can delegate while maintaining final approval.

Workflow Oversight

Delegate with confidence. Get notified of unanswered questions, pending actions and completed tasks.

Build from a Strong Platform


Up-to-date accounts, closed at audit quality, for more accurate forecasting.


We'll handle the admin work, so you can focus on what matters most.


Real-time accounts provide all the information you need to make better decisions.

Stay Secure & in Control


Chartered Accountants check coding and handle queries.


FCA authorized Open Banking for payments. Email scanning authorized by Microsoft and Google.

Avoid Fraud

The intrinsic design of how we approve and manage payments reduces APP and Payroll fraud risk.

Setup in Minutes


Choose from a range of reporting templates to get going or customise them to suit your requirements.


No bank or provider lock-in. We work with your existing accounting tech and payments platforms.


Our Relationship Managers help optimise your financial operations as your business grows.


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Reduce the burdens of financial administration

Arua provides an all-in-one workflow manager and task facilitation toolkit, dramatically reducing the burdens of financial administration for your business.

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